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💎 Lounging in the crumpled white bed sheets, their bodies gloriously naked, Julia and Silvia doze in the dim lighting of their boudoir. Observing the sleeping women from across the room, George reclines in his armchair, deep in thought. His ink pen poised in his grip as he scrawls into his writer’s book, lost in the scene. He watches the blissful women, creating a picture of an erotic threesome in his mind’s eye.
Rousing from her slumber, Julia stretches languidly, allowing herself to come to, her sleep-tousled hair framing her face. She traces her fingertips along the still sleeping body of her lover, Sylvia, who is lying deliciously beside her, tangled in their rumpled bedding, evidence of an erotic threesome having either taken place or about to be… Julia rises from and makes her way seductively towards George, who studies her every move. With her bare breast inches from his face, Julia touches his shoulder, teasing and urging him to join them. George needs little convincing and is quickly pulled into her soft embrace as he kisses her stomach, the decision already made.
Closing his notebook as her naked body rubs against the linen fabric of his shirt, he takes his cue and follows his temptress while Silvia watches.
Excited by the idea of George joining them, Silvia sits up to encourage him, her long hair spilling in waves down her naked back as she moves in the sheets. She reaches out to pull George into the crumpled bed, as this erotic threesome begins.
Passions and desire ignite as George is treated to the expert touch of both of his muses, who lavish his body with siren-like attention.
A beautiful erotic threesome sex video of two female lovers enjoying the passionate thrills of sharing one man. We hope you enjoy this artistic threesome sex portrayal. Featuring George Uhl, Silvia Sin and Julia North.
Julia North
Silvia Sin
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