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💎 Stretching out in front of the beautiful old house, rain-covered meadows quiver in the wet summer’s wind. The English countryside lies shrouded with grey stormy weather as our two lovers run for shelter. Laughing in the rain, Antonia and Lando hold hands as they scamper to the house, their clothes already translucent. They kiss passionately under the falling raindrops, grasping onto one another in a desperate embrace. The thrill of being caught in the summer storm only spikes their lust in this perfect and very passionate wet porn video.
Antonia grips Lando as he moves under the portico, pushing up against the round columns and devouring each other hungrily while the rain lashes behind them. Their clothing clings to their drenched bodies as they lose themselves in each other’s arms. Their kissing becomes more frenzied and they move inside the charming entrance hall of their country retreat. Lando lifts his lover and presses her against a wooden door and she responds, wrapping her long legs around his fit torso. This wet porn scene continues with his fingers sliding under Antonia’s sodden clothing, teasing her desperate clit and making her yearn to be free of the soaked fabric. At last, we get to see her beautiful body that has tantalised our vision through her wet dress when Lando pulls it up to reveal her full breasts and tight pert nipples.
Lando’s own clothes need to come off, and soon we see the top of his sexy buttocks as he begins to shuck off his jeans. Moving to the comfy chair, it’s gorgeous to see these two fit together so passionately as they begin to fuck fervently, wet hair whipping their drying flesh.
This is a glorious wet porn video of real lovers enjoying a passionate fuck in the rain. We hope you enjoy watching. To explore more of our erotic films do check out some of our popular film category selections, ranging from soft porn collections to couples fucking and the ever-popular hotwife movies.
Antonia Sainz
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