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💎 Tantalisingly obscured from view by a tangle of palm trees, our lovers Lisi and Mina caress each other’s bodies blissfully unaware of the security cameras and peeping eyes watching their every move.
Nestled in this hidden jungle oasis, on a secluded Bali bed, we find the perfect spot to enjoy an extended moment of erotic lesbian sex. Lisi sits behind Mina wrapping her bare legs around her lover’s petite feminine body as the girls hold each other in an intimate embrace. The camera moves between the trees, taking us on a journey as we play our role too… a watching voyeur perhaps?
Lisi undresses Mina, slipping her bikini top to her waist allowing us a glimpse of her natural bare breasts as her touch drifts across her flesh. As Lisi’s fingertips linger over her nipples, the embrace becomes more passionate and both bodies begin to move in time to the tropical sounds of the jungle. Lisi holds Mina tight, kissing her neck as their fingers interlace and wander down Mina’s torso into her already damp bikini bottoms.
A security camera flickers, and we realise we are not alone. Someone else is watching this outdoor lesbian sex unfold… it’s not just you.
Lisi is in control of this girl-on-girl lovemaking, taking it slow and deliciously sensual as she caresses her lover, ensuring she is in the most comfortable position for her erotic ministrations. Mina has the glorious pleasure of lying back and basking in all the intimate pussy licking that Lisi can give. When Lisi brings out her vibrator to treat Mina to an even more raw sensation, we can only imagine how satisfying it must feel to have Mina’s body convulse and spasm around her fingers and tongue as she comes hard on their Bali bed.
A beautiful, soft lesbian sex video of erotic girl-on-girl fucking. Set in a tropical jungle, we hope you enjoy watching Mina Moreno and Lisi Kitty together.
Lisi Kitty
Mina Moreno
Pornstars Live
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